About Me

“The greatest super power is the ability to change yourself.”

It seems trite, right? Well, most profound truths in life are like that. They are worn out, pedestrian, simple and yet, not so easy. But they also hold the test of time forever. The ability to change oneself, our habits and predispositions, ultimately becomes the opportunity to rewrite our story. And guess what? If you don’t narrate your story, somebody else will!

My endeavor at Rewrite Your Story is just that. It is my humble effort to provide you the opportunity to take charge of your life story, no matter what your circumstance is.

With a strong belief that to have peace of mind, you first must have peace of body, I am here to help you sift through all the diet noise and provide sustainable health and wellness solutions. I am here to help you Rewrite Your Story.

Hello! I am Sangeetha Aiyer, in my 40s, mother to a teenager and really one among you. I have all the challenges and joys of a working woman and running a family, just like each one of you. My journey towards a healthy lifestyle started almost 15 years back with the one objective every woman has been conditioned to want. LOSE WEIGHT! And in the process hopefully gain some of that self-esteem that had eroded over time. That objective thankfully quickly progressed to holistic living, rather than just losing weight!

I have tried every diet and fitness routine, only to realize that everything that has been told to us in the mainstream world is a pure LIE or has an agenda! Long story short, Rewrite Your Story is my attempt at sharing what I have learned through the years to help you achieve your health goals and maintain them for life.

Think of me as that friend at bar or coffee shop, sharing my stories in the hope that you find your answers in the same.